Securing an Airport’s Information System

The CISO’s experience


«We needed to meet European and French regulatory requirements with respect to data protection and conservation», said the Chief Information Systems Security Officer (CISO) at this international airport platform.
«In particular we had to protect and restrict access on our network to classified and sensitive information used in the course of our airport missions.»

This airport is planning to become a major European gateway with some of the highest potential for growth in Europe. More than 5,000 people and over 200 subcontractors work on the site. The airport’s information system comprises 250 servers, 2 server rooms, 200 applications, a fleet of 500 business machines (including 120 laptops) and 800 airport business Pcs.


In renewing its office automation systems, the Airport authorities wished to secure its mobile devices: Laptops running Windows 7 and tablets running Windows 8.
The aim was to encrypt corporate data stored locally, encrypt the company’s messaging system and provide access to encrypted areas on the network, even from a mobile device. This latter requirement was important because the number of employees with mobile devices is set to continue to grow over the coming years.


« After studying encryption solutions on laptops and tablets, we found that there were very few solutions to meet our needs and that ZONECENTRAL, that we were already using, had this feature. Logically, therefore, we continued with ZONECENTRAL for its corporate data security capabilities, even from mobile devices with local encryption and secure messaging. The solution met the needs defined, including access to encrypted areas on the network», the company’s CISO went on to say.

Among the key factors that convinced the IS director to opt for ZONCENTRAL included:

  • certification of the solution by ANSSI,
  • ease of deployment, including through the creation of packages,
  • the fact that the solution did not require any additional infrastructure deployment.


IT Services

The deployment of the solution has been seamless. The IS director is perfectly fluent with ZONECENTRAL and was herself capable of integrating ZONECENTRAL for laptop and tablet encryption: use of the company’s PKI, definition of security policies and deployment of the solution via SCCM (Microsoft).


« Each employee using a tablet or laptop received a ‘Mobility Security’ guide.»It features the good practices with respect to security and explains how to use embedded trust products, including ZONECENTRAL.»


« The solution is very reliable, and since we deployed ZONECENTRAL last year we have not had any incidents on our installed mobile base», the Security Manager went on to say. «Once the ZONECENTRAL security policy was defined in the company’s GPO, we automated deployment and integrated the solution into our PKI.
Today, the operating cost of the solution is very low or even zero.


The solution is very reliable, and since we deployed ZONCENTRAL last year we have not had any incident on our installed mobile base. Today, the operating cost of the solution is very low or even zero.
Security Manager

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