logo ZONEPOINT logiciel de protection dans SHAREPOINT

Encrypted document archiving

The documents are permanently encrypted on SharePoint portals.
At no time does the data switch to unencrypted status on the servers. The documents are encrypted and decrypted locally on the workstations with the user key.

Secure shares

ZONEPOINT provides cryptographic partitioning of documents between users, workgroups or categories of personnel (Right-to-Know management).
The confidentiality of the shares is guaranteed both between internal users and with external partners.

Data confidentiality vis-à-vis the operator

With ZONEPOINT, using a SharePoint server in the Cloud is possible with no risk of loss of confidentiality.
The data always remain encrypted on the servers, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data vis-à-vis the operators, and making ZONEPOINT an indispensable component of any outsourcing project. Companies are free to choose where to host their servers: in-house or outsourced to a third party.

Encryption governance controlled by the owner

Encryption administration per Zones guarantees that any document placed in a library managed by the owner will be automatically encrypted in accordance with the security policy defined by the owner. ZONEPOINT allows application or security managers to coordinate from their workstations the application of their encryption strategy. They can delegate some or all of these operations to certain authorized users.

Ease of implementation, no deployment required

ZONEPOINT works without the need to install any software on the user workstation. A browser plug-in downloaded dynamically from the server provides the authentication and encryption-decryption services. This makes ZONEPOINT particularly suited to companies that wish to share encrypted data with the outside world.

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Labels and Certifications of ZONEPOINT

  • Common Criteria Certifications at level EAL3+

  • Qualification Standard Level from ANSSI

  • Approvals for protecting information at the levels OTAN restricted and EU RESTRICTED

  • Security Visa from ANSSI

Key functions

ZONEPOINT is based on tried-and-tested security concepts: no movement of unencrypted documents on servers; no keys stored in the IS or transiting over the network; all encryption operations carried out on the workstation using the user’s key.

  • Access via Windows Explorer (Webdav) or web browser
  • Depositing / retrieval of encrypted documents is entirely transparent to the user
  • Authentication via X509 certificate or password
  • Enterprise recovery mechanism

/ Technical specifications

    SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.
    IE 7+, Firefox 10+, Chrome 10+.
    AES (128 à 256 bits) et RSA (1024 à 4096 bits).
    PKCS#1, PKCS#5, PKCS#11, X509 technologies, PKIx compatible.
    ZoneMobile on iOS and Android.