About PRIM’X

PRIM'X is a French provider of security solutions, created in 2003 by cryptography experts.


PRIM’X has developed and commercialized new-generation encryption software. Its software uses the “on-the-fly encryption” technique and is based on a low level file access interception technology developed by the company.

The PRIM’X Technologies solutions are particularly well suited to the needs and constraints of large companies. Their main target markets are:

  • Corporate customers (Top 1000 European companies) in the industrial, service, telecommunications and banking sectors,
  • Public administrations.

Certified Solutions

PRIM’X has made Security Certification of its solutions a Strategic Vendor Policy. Certificates are maintained and passed again for the different versions and platforms in order to keep pace with changing technologies, the state of the art in cryptography and new threats. In addition to the certifications, the solutions undergo national and trans-national counter-assessments or counter-assessments specific to a given contract.

  • EAL3+ Common Criteria Certifications
  • Qualification for the French State (ANSSI) and Security Visa
  • Approvals for protecting information at the levels OTAN RESTRICTED and EU RESTRICTED

A member of French excellence

PRIM’X is a member of HexaTrust, a group of French SMEs of excellence serving cybersecurity and digital trust.

PRIM’X wants to offer European companies concerned with the confidentiality of their data simple-to-use, global and easily deployed trustworthy security solutions and become a major player in the security sector in Europe.

PRIM’X relies on a network of partners (consultants and integrators) that can provide its customers with consultancy and deployment support.


Three PRIM’X solutions to fit out the entire French state

ANSSI, the French National Information System Security Agency, has acquired a global licence on behalf of the French government for the three Cryhod, ZoneCentral and Zed! solutions which will be installed in all ministerial departments and central administrations, i.e. some 1 million users.

Le projet ZEUS :
ZED! for European Union Security

The ZED! software has been selected by the European
Council and protects file exchanges on an EU Restricted
level between the various European institutions and Member states.