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Encrypted enterprise messaging

- End-to-end encryption of emails and attachments
- Direct integration with Outlook email
- Secure password wallet

ZEDMAIl chiffre la messagerie d'entreprise

ZEDMAIL is a corporate messaging application encryption solution. The software makes it possible to deploy a transparent encryption policy for all of an organisation’s internal e-mails, with or without file attachments, and according to predefined rules.

For recipients (internal or external) not equipped with ZEDMAIL, simply add an additional lock which is kept in the password wallet. The recipient will then be able to use ZED!, ZEDPRO or ZEDFREE (free version) to read and respond in an encrypted format.

Why use it?

Email encryption: messages and/or attachments

End-to-end encryption…

Easy to operate, users send their emails as usual, and the body of the message and any email attachments are automatically and transparently encrypted.
Upon reception, the emails are decrypted locally and the original message is reconstituted.

…with the user’s key

The messages are encrypted then decrypted with the password or certificate of the sender and the recipient. These keys are therefore not entrusted to third-party machines/software (VPN, encryption units, etc.) thereby guaranteeing that content can only be viewed by those with the keys.

Integration with Outlook messaging application

ZEDMAIL is integrated with the Outlook email application and has no impact on the way it runs: once the user is authenticated, the encryption/decryption operations are fully automated. The messages are transferred encrypted over the network and the messaging server.

How does it work?

ZEDMAIL Key Advantages

Encryption by certificate

To encrypt emails, ZEDMAIL uses the certificates of the recipients which it looks up automatically in the usual enterprise directories (AD, LDAP) and in the user’s personal certificate stores.

Password wallet

When no certificate is available for the email recipient, ZEDMAIL automatically generates a password for this correspondent and saves it in a password file (wallet) that it manages for the user.
The sender can therefore send emails to any recipient with no additional operation required.

Secure transfers and synchronisation with mobile devices

ZEDMAIL is compatible with the push-mail features of corporate email systems.
Messages that are received encrypted on the user’s mobile device will be decrypted locally.
A mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

Easy deployment and administration

The installation of ZEDMAIL on workstations is compatible with the administered installation tools (SMS et al). The security policy applicable to the messaging system is defined by the Security Officer using Security Policies.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 to 11+ and MS Outlook 2007+

AES 256 bit encryption

Access by RSA certificate/keys and/or password

Mobile app

ZED! for mobile is available for iOS and Android

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