User-friendly and intuitive

The use of encrypted containers is highly intuitive. The style and ergonomics of this «pseudo-folder» makes it very similar to the native compressed (.zip) files of Windows. A click is all it takes to create a container to which you can add files and accesses. The .zed is ready to send, and the files are encrypted. ZED! is capable of transporting a complete tree structure, with no volume constraints.

File compression

ZED! technology features a compression algorithm for reducing the total volume of the encrypted container.

Different access key formats

ZED! uses keys, either in the form of passwords agreed with a correspondent, or in the form of RSA certificates (LDAP directory or certificate files).

Integrated password wallet

When the sender does not have a certificate for the recipient, the former produces a password for this correspondent, which can be saved in the secure password wallet managed by ZED!.


A recovery plan may be configured by the company. It will be applied automatically and systematically by ZED! so as to enable the Security Officer to recover the files.

Freeware for an encrypted response

In order to allow users to exchange ZED! encrypted containers
with outside contacts, PRIM’X provides for use by anyone a free and multi-platform version called ZEDFREE.
This freeware can be used for opening encrypted containers and working on the content, in order to send subsequently an encrypted response.

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Labels and Certifications of ZED!

  • Common Criteria Certifications at level EAL3+

  • Qualification Standard Level from ANSSI

  • Approvals for protecting information at the levels OTAN restricted and EU RESTRICTED

  • Security Visa from ANSSI

Freeware for an encrypted response

In order to enable users to exchange ZED! encrypted containers with external contacts, PRIM’X provides a free, multi-platform version called ZEDFREE.
This freeware makes it possible to read encrypted containers and edit their content so as to send encrypted replies.

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/ Technical specifications

    AES (128 to 256 bits) and RSA (1024 to 4096 bits).
    PKCS#1, PKCS#5, PKCS#11, X509, Microsoft CSP, LDAP technologies, PKIx compatible.
    Available for Windows 11 to Windows 7, Linux (various distributions) and Mac OS.
    Available in 7 languages.
  • ZED! mobile app for iOS and Android.