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ORIZON is based on tried-and-tested security concepts: no movement of unencrypted documents on the network and in the Cloud; no keys stored in the information system or in the Cloud; all encryption operations carried out on the terminal with the user’s key close to hand.

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Encrypted enterprise messaging

Directly integrated in the enterprise messaging system, ZEDMAIL is an end-to-end encryption solution.

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Encrypted containers for secure file transport

Use ZED! encrypted containers for protecting your transported files, irrespective of the channel used (email, portable device, file transfer, etc.). The .zed containers are analogous to a «diplomatic bag», containing sensitive files that only the identified recipients are entitled to read.

  • Diplomatic bag for transporting folders, subfolders and sensitive files
  • App available for smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS
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ZEDFREE: freeware to read encrypted containers and to answer encrypted way.

Perimeter Security

Anti-theft encryption of your laptops

CRYHOD is a modern encryption software offering full-disk encryption of all your company’s mobile workstations.

  • Encryption on-the-fly of entire disks and/or partitions (including system partition)
  • Pre-boot authentication (before start-up) with free choice of authentication mode
  • Integrated user recovery and troubleshooting
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Right-to-Know Management

Ensuring the confidentiality of documents on MS SharePoint™

ZONEPOINT allows companies to manage the confidentiality of their document archives by defining an encryption policy for their document libraries in Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Access via Windows Explorer (Webdav) or web browser
  • Depositing / retrieval of encrypted documents is entirely transparent to the user
  • Authentication via X509 certificate or password
  • Enterprise recovery mechanism
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Guaranteeing the confidentiality of user environments and shared spaces in the Cloud

ORIZON enables encryption of files and folders stored with Cloud service providers. An enterprise encryption policy can be automatically applied to folders synchronised to the Cloud.

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Ensuring the confidentiality of files on information systems

ZONECENTRAL offers companies a high level of security by encrypting files. Simple to deploy and with extremely flexible administration mechanisms, it can adapt to suit every type of infrastructure.

  • The company retains control over security governance
  • Confidentiality of data vis-à-vis the operator
  • Encryption of fixed workstations and laptops
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