Logo de CRYHOD, logiciel de protection des laptops

Anti-theft encryption

For a company, the damages associated with the theft or loss of a laptop amount to far more than just the value of the hardware.
Losing the information stored on a laptop’s hard disk or the mere communication of that information to a third party can generate all sorts of serious problems: recovery of sensitive information by the competition, damage to brand image, etc., to say nothing of the possible legal and regulatory implications in the event of a breach or an offence.

Full-disk encryption

The CRYHOD full-disk encryption solution shields your company from these risks.
CRYHOD is a modern encryption software offering full-disk encryption of all your company’s mobile workstations. With CRYHOD, data can only be accessed by users who are authorized and duly authenticated at pre-boot.

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Labels and Certifications of CRYHOD

  • Common Criteria Certifications at level EAL3+

  • Qualification Standard Level from ANSSI

  • Approvals for protecting information at the levels OTAN restricted and EU RESTRICTED

  • Security Visa from ANSSI

Key Functions


  • Encryption of entire disks and/or partitions (including system partition)
  • Encryption on-the-fly, transparent for users
  • Transparent initial encryption of disk/partitions
  • Secure initial encryption, with automatic recovery in case of a service interruption (power outage, workstation shutdown, etc.)


  • Pre-boot authentication (before start-up)
  • Free choice of authentication mode: password or certificate
  • SSO with Windows session opening
  • Secure hibernation
  • Single-user or multiple-access workstation

User authentication

  • Flexible and easy to deploy
  • Simple to operate and supervise (scheduling via GPO)
  • Integrated user recovery and troubleshooting
  • Compatibility and cooperation with ZONECENTRAL for «Right-to-Know» management


    AES (128 to 256 bits) and RSA (1024 to 4096 bits).
    PKCS#1, PKCS#5, PKCS#11, X509, Microsoft CSP, LDAP technologies, PKIx compatible.
    Available for Windows 11 to 7, CentOS & Ubuntu.
    Password or certificate.
    Support for major manufacturers’ models.
    BIOS and UEFI firmware.