Guaranteeing the Confidentiality of Internal and External Exchanges

A Major European Manufacturer Adopts Zed! and ZedMail for Encrypting all Emails


This large and independent subsidiary of a Major European Industrial Corporation works in very sensitive and competitive fields, and supplies its products and services to both major State Bodies and Private Companies.
The 4000 non-production employees of this company work in collaboration with many suppliers and partners.
The increased cyber risk has led the executive management to look into how to secure data exchanges inside and outside the company. It wants to provide everyone with the possibility of encrypting their emails whenever it is judged that the information exchanged is sensitive.


The chosen solution must enable all emails to be secured, whoever their recipients may be, while remaining astransparent as possible for the users.
Since the threat is diffused, the requirement is that only the sender and recipients of emails can decrypt them and read them; the best solution is therefore to be able to guarantee the complete compartmentalisation of information, including internally.

The solution must also:

  • be administrable and be able to apply an enterprise policy;
  • be able to work without certificates in the event of the recipient not possessing any;
  • enable external recipients also to decrypt emails on their terminals, including when roaming.

Since the information handled may be sensitive and sometimes marked as Restricted, the product must be approved for protecting such data.


The client has deployed ZED! and ZEDMAIL on all workstations, and proposes to all external users the use of one of these paid-for products, or the free multi-platform module, ZEDFREE, which enables decryption and encrypted responses. This allows users to decrypt their messages on any type of terminal, including mobile devices

Concerning the (secret) keys of users, the choice has been made only to use passwords of a set strength. To increase userfriendliness, the client has chosen to use the «access list» mechanism specific to ZEDMAIL, in order to be able to fully automate the search for recipient keys when sending/encrypting emails.


IT SERVICES: Outlook plug-in easily mastered and deployed.
USERS: One click to encrypt, two clicks to decrypt
SECURITY DEPT: Configures and administers security.


ZEDMAIL is easy to deploy, administer and use. Its implementation and usage require no specific infrastructure, and enable the establishment of end-to-end email encryption, from sender workstation to recipient workstation.
This product participates in the «Right-to-Know» management, and complements the other products of the PRIM’X range.

ZED! is a product certified CC EAL3+, Qualified by the French ANSSI, and allowed for EU Restricted and NATO Restricted.

Next steps

Profiting from the upcoming deployment of the PKI in the company in order to replace passwords with certificates for the encryption of internal emails.