Guarantee Data Confidentiality on OneDrive

A major telecom operator is securing its data stored and shared in the Cloud with Orizon


A major telecom operator based in Europe and the United States and serving business and consumers is performing a massive migration of its data to the Cloud. The goal is to optimise data storage, improve the experience and performance of mobile staff and create work spaces shared with partners.

With over 10,000 employees in France who may all be required at some stage to manage or handle sensitive information, the need for confidentiality has always been a crucial challenge.
It has become even more important with the outsourcing of data storage.


The solution must meet several major criteria:

  • Guarantee data confidentiality both internally (between users and services) and in relations with sub-contractors,
  • Be intuitive and transparent for the user,
  • Be integrated into OneDrive™, the Cloud solution chosen by the company.

The Cloud service is already widely deployed: the encryption solution must therefore be integrated without a break in services and without changing users’ habits.

The encrypted data must be accessible from all media (PC, web, smartphone and tablet interfaces).
This group also wishes to share documents in a simple and secure manner with outside contacts.


The customer decided to globally deploy ORIZON over all of the group’s work stations and mobile terminals. All the data sent to the Cloud are automatically and systematically encrypted, without any interaction with users and without changing the native functions of the online storage service.

ORIZON will enable users to also share sensitive data with external contacts using ORIZON GUEST, which enables them to update Guest accesses in real time, under the control of security.

The solution is only installed on user terminals and does not require any particular infrastructure. It can be used with passwords or certificates (PKI) depending on the security requirements set in the policies.


IT SERVICES: A purely “client side” and easily deployable solution for all terminals (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.).
USERS: Work in a synchronised folder in the Cloud as usual.
SECURITY DEPT: Defining the security policies.


ORIZON enables the group to fully adopt a Cloud storage solution without compromising data confidentiality: no unencrypted data transits.
The data are encrypted for IT departments, between users and vis-à-vis the Cloud supplier. ORIZON thus enables the Right-to-know for these data to be managed

ORIZON is not depending on the Cloud storage service: at present the customer uses OneDrive, in the future they may migrate to another service without however having to bring the encryption solution into question.