In order to protect the data on workstations, servers, portable devices (memory sticks, CD/DVDs, external HDDs, etc.) and network shares, Prim'X designs and develops a comprehensive range of encryption software that you can find out more about below.


Apply security protection automatically on laptops, desktops and servers...
  • Encryption of data on workstations, laptops, servers, etc.
  • Automatic, user-transparent protection
  • EAL3+ Common Criteria Certification
  • Cryhod

    Anti-theft encryption of your laptops

    Cryhod is a modern encryption solution offering full-disk encryption of all a company's mobile workstations.

  • ZonePoint

    Encryption for data shared in SharePoint libraries

    ZonePoint ensures the encryption of all documents placed in SharePoint . the company retains the governance of the encryption.

  • Orizon

    Ensure the confidentiality of user environments & shared spaces in the Cloud

    Orizon enables encryption of files and folders stored with Cloud service providers.

  • Zed!

    Encrypted containers for exchange or backup

    Zed! lets you create and exchange encrypted data with your customers, suppliers or partners in complete simplicity.

  • Zedmail

    Encrypted enterprise messaging

    ZedMail protects the data exchanged by e-mail and ensures the end-to-end confidentiality of exchanges.

  • Wabiz

    SMS and Email Encryption on smartphones

    Wabiz is a encryption software for smartphones and et tablets. WWabiz allows encryption of emails, SMS and Notes.